This is a blog about my life – some stuff is exciting, some isn’t.  And sometimes, names are even changed to protect the innocent!


29 year old woman married to an amazing man; daughter to amazing parents; sister to amazing brothers; friend to many amazing people.  Poet, non-fiction writer.  Proud user of the German Android Ladycomp.  Currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA, by way of New Jersey and Florida before that.  Roman Catholic, and I love everybody.  Moderate when it comes to political issues.  Universal health care, please.  I love good conversation, laughing, and having fun.

Favorite Entertainment:

Frasier.  Oz.  Band of Brothers.  Northern Exposure.  Mad Men.  Charlie Rose.  Rufus Wainwright.  Jars of Clay.  Diddy.  Paul Simon.  Billy Joel.  Angels and Airwaves.  Wes Anderson.  BBC World Service.  IFC.  Bright Eyes.  Justin Timberlake.  Adult Swim.  Sylvia Plath’s journals (more than her poetry).  Billy Collins.  Nikki Gionanni.  Rives.  Danny Hoch.  Beau Sia.  Evelyn Waugh.  Slate.  The NY Times.  Posh Nosh.  The Killers.  Eddie Izzard.  Bono.  Baking.  Listening to accents.  Traveling.  Learning.  Nintendo Wii.  Playstation 3.  Sega Genesis.  The Golden Girls.  Entourage.  True Blood.  The Shield.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Breaking Bad.  House, forever House.  Jay Smooth @ IllDoctrine.com.

Nice to meet you!


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