Posted by: agapeflower | July 8, 2009

Colds suck.

So for the past five days or so I’ve been at home with a cold (which I thought at first was allergies), and I’ve had no voice since Saturday night, which Mike and I spent celebrating America’s birthday with our dear friends Todd & Stephanie.  Colds kinda suck, though, is the point.  I’ve been chasing the Tylenol Cold dragon since Sunday.

Congrats must be paid to my brothers, who are both doing wonderful and amazing things! One just moved out into the great ether on his lonesome, striking out independently to live in an apartment without rules he doesn’t make himself.  The other is heeding the call of our great nation by joining the Navy! Which I am totally excited about, and I know he will do great things with!

So many great things happening! Hopefully I too will have good news of life-bringing things to report (no, I’m not pregnant – I meant in terms of something resembling employment).  Although I do have days when I’m bored and frustrated and blinded by my own lack of trust, I do have such a sense of love.  And it’s great having Mike home all week because there’s no internet yet at his new office.  I take my laptop into the bedroom and we work at our own things, come together for lunch, then go back to work until dinner.  Such rhythm! I love it.

I love you, too! I hope you are all well.  Shine on, you crazy diamonds!


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