Posted by: agapeflower | June 17, 2009


So I’ve been thinking a bit about what this blog is.  It started out as just a “hey! What’s Christy up to these days?” sort of blog, but I feel as though lately it’s been steering itself into a more apologetics/opinion on certain topics sort of blog, which I think is something I want to pursue.  Of course, it’s also been steering itself into a context of religion (particularly Catholicism), which I understand not everyone wants to read about.  And that’s okay – I mean, I’m not really forcing anyone to read who doesn’t want to.  But I guess what I mean to say is that this is where things are heading now, so last stop if you don’t want to stay on for the ride.   😉

And to be honest, I’m excited that it’s going in that direction.  I guess what I’d like to accomplish most with it is to provide opinion (keep in mind that it’ll be from a mostly “progressive” Catholic who isn’t the most orthodox person out there), and just talk about current events (and hopefully pop culture) in that particular context.  Will it always be that way? I have no idea.  Will it be met with some hesitation? Probably.  Not only by those who are turned off by religious things, but by those who are far more religious than I am and might want to yell at me by not playing by the rules.  I’d also like to put up some interviews and get a real sense of what fascinates me most right now: American Christianity viewed through the lens of young believers in their 20s and 30s – and what really matters to them, and why.

So…I suppose that is it!

(For everyone who is friends with me IRL I’m still on Facebook talking about non-churchy things like my all-encompassing love for the Pittsburgh Penguins and late-night Guitar Hero jam sessions with my  husband, so stay tuned to that as well!)



  1. Isn’t it funny how after deciding something like that, narrowing down the objective, everything you want to do falls outside of it for a little while? I love hear from your whatever it’s about.

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