Posted by: agapeflower | May 21, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

So the NY Times ran an Op-Ed today about what steals happiness: mainly, fear of the unknown.  It makes the case that when something bad does happen, and you anticipated it and are ready to face it, you can get through it.  The problem lies in worrying about what we don’t know – and when you don’t know, you might imagine things being much, much worse than what they actually end up being.

What do you think? True, not true? I think it’s certainly true for me — worry is surrounded by more worry, and that’s compounded by not knowing what’s happening next.

So how do we change that script? Is it manning up to make that scary doctor’s appointment, fixing that leaky faucet, ripping our eyes away from the TV screen in fear that the stock market will just keep falling, keep falling, keep falling?

It might be.  But I do know that in order to really face our fears and deal with them, it’s something that can be greatly helped with enouragement from people around us.  Let’s draw strength from each other and build one another up to help each other not be fearful.  Who knows, it might work!


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