Posted by: agapeflower | May 15, 2009

7 Quick-Takes Friday


Here by way of Jen’s journal.  Stop by to pay her a visit and to catch the original 7 Quick-Takes!

1:  In the last week, I’ve developed a beautiful crush on the actor Patrick Fugit. He’s just about the cutest thing ever.

2:  I sold my first freelance press release (for money – the others have been pro-bono) the other day.  Sending out that invoice felt amazing.

3:  I’ve had the most horrible insomnia all week, and finally got a decent amount of sleep last night, thanks to Mr. Benadryl and no coffee after 9:00 p.m.  Caffeine keeps you up at night? Who knew?

4:  The last five minutes of the House season finale were awesome.

5: I’ve been part of the Pittsburgh Writer’s Project for a while, submitting some poems to their magazine and learning about the writing here in the city.  I’ve also gotten to attend their writer’s workshops each month, which are pretty amazing.

6:  Funny news story of the week: Prince William apologizes to 109-year old woman on the Queen’s behalf.

7:  EWTN has the longest novena to St. Joseph EVER, which my husband and I have been saying over the last week to help me find a full-time job outside of the freelancing.  Well, let’s hope nothing beats quality and quantity!



  1. #5 sounds awesome. I’d love to be able to get involved w/ something like that.

    Thanks for participating!

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