Posted by: agapeflower | May 6, 2009

Fainting Goat.

Today I feel like a goat.

Not any goat, of course.  One of these.  Fainting Goats are hilarious in that way people laugh to keep from crying, I think.  Due to a disorder, whenever these goats are startled, their muscles freeze up and they fall over.  They’re not paralyzed for very long – only for something like less than a minute – but it happens to them often.  It’s not something they grow out of.

Same story here: no matter how much I feel I’m provided for, every single time I get startled (or, mostly, whenever I get overwhelmed) I freeze up, completely paralyzed in thought.  And I fall over, spiritually and emotionally.  (Not physically, although I have to admit that would be quite hilarious.)

No, they don’t grow out of it; and I haven’t yet.  But older goats learn to lean against something sturdy when they feel it coming, like a fence, or  a tree.  I’m getting older, too.  It might do me good to lean against a certain Rock.



  1. Hi! Thank you for your comment on my site. 🙂


    I am TOTALLY a fainting goat. LOL.

    (Is that better than a blushing violet? 😉 )

    Fainting on the Rock of Ages would be a good idea, methinks. 😉

    Lindsey 🙂

  2. Haha thanks! Yeah, I’m still learning how to “faint” correctly. 😉

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