Posted by: agapeflower | February 19, 2009

It All Exists Together.

The snow’s back in Pittsburgh.  It had been gone for a few days, and the weather had even begun teasing us with mornings that didn’t require scraping ice off car windows before work, and rain instead of snow.  But the cold is on its way back around to us.

It’s not so bad – I mean, it’s winter.  That’s what winter in Pittsburgh is like this year.  Not too surprising, I think.

Isn’t it funny — thinking about how dissatisfied we can be with the way things are in their natural state.  I mean, I hear folks complain about the weather like it’s something new.  I’m not taking away from their experience – obviously, if they had a bad morning in traffic because of the snow I’m sympathetic to that, but I always get a kick out of people who seem surprised when it snows here in the wintertime.  I would think they should be surprised if it snowed in June, or July.  But in February? That is a natural phenomenon.

But we still get so angry about it.  I was thinking about that the other day; about how sometimes I get so angry with myself about things that come natural to me.  Now, I’m a pretty outgoing person.  I like to talk and joke around pretty often, and I have an opinion about most things.  But – and I’m being honest here – there are times I don’t really like that.  After I leave a conversation in a group I tend to beat myself up over talking too much.  I’ll think about the kind of impression I left; I’ll think, man, I dominated that conversation and didn’t let Person X talk or Person Y say what they wanted.  I’ll feel awful for a while afterwards.

But doing that, I’ve realized, is just as silly for getting mad at the snow in the wintertime.

It’s all a process.  God exists in us as us, I’ve heard it said.  And one of the Saints said that we should be who we are, and be that perfectly.  God knows what He’s created, and I can only imagine the damage it does to our spirit to hate that creation.  Are you afraid to be who you are? Am I afraid to be who I am? What holds us back? Why? Is it other people, their reactions to us? Is it because being who we really are is going to catapult us away from what we’ve always known?

Interesting questions, for a Thursday.


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