Posted by: agapeflower | January 26, 2009

What I Am…(January 26th edition)

Not Who I Am or Will.I.Am, but —

What I Am currently…


  • Loving Che.  A co-worker recommended it to me last week and lent me her copy.  She writes in her books (she had used it for a class), but not in that really obnoxious, in all-capital letters and dark ink way, like a certain brother of mine.  In a nice, small pencil way.  She whispers, not shouts, which I dearly appreciate.  To me, reading books with notes in them is like trying to listen to the radio with the TV on.  Wayyyy too much happening.
  • One Stick Song by Sherman Alexie.  Nope, crush not over yet, although I am a much bigger fan of his poetry over his prose.
  • Poetry Magazine.  My darling husband gifted me with a subscription for Christmas, which I love because 1) it means I get mail; and 2) because I get a gift all year! This is the part where people will surely remind me what a gift he is to me all year, and they’d be right, but this one comes wrapped in plastic and postage-stamped.  Not the same.

Listening To:

  • “Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye” by the Black Crowes.  An oldie, but goodie.  The entire track is delicious, and I’ve had it on repeat in the car for a good five days now.  It’s the perfect outlet song: if you prefer to drum/air guitar along there are plenty of good beats and riffs; and if you like to belt out the soulful lyrics, there’s no one better than Chris Robinson.  Plus, the blues-y melody reminds me of my brother Julian, who is a young-grasshopper master with the guitar.
  • One of my friends, Lora, gifted me with two amazing homemade CDs, also in the player non-stop this week.  One is a mix of bluegrassy, down-home Americana selections; the other is a swingin’ Big Band mix, 1940’s style.  That one makes me miss a ton of folks from my NJ crew, who knew that it wasn’t swing, if it ain’t got that thing.


  • Currently in our household, we’re scoping out 24, Nip/Tuck, Flight of the Conchords, House, and back-seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I’m sure there are studies done that evaluate a person’s marriage by what they watch on TV together.  Mike and I watched The Golden Girls every night for the first three months of marriage, so…I don’t know what can be said about that.
  • I caught Milk with our neighbor Sareene last weekend; it was good, although I felt it was overhyped by the time I made my way down to see it.  I don’t know how it’ll do come Oscar night, but it’s good to see Sean Penn effortlessly hitting it out of the park each time he steps up to the plate.


  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I see you’ve commented over here about the Black Crowes, too! Soul sistas?

    That exact song always takes me back to when dh and I were dating (10+years ago). If I drove up to his house and heard that song blaring, then I knew he was feeling moody.


  2. Hee! Yeah, it most definitely is a moody song. 😀 I remember watching a VH1 special on the band, and I was always so fascinated by the relationship between the two brothers (Chris and – oh I forget his name! – oh well).

    Thanks for visiting my blog too! Have an awesome day!

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