Posted by: agapeflower | January 21, 2009

PodTech:Beating The Little Hater

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I’ve been a fan of Jay Smooth @ IllDoctrine for a while now, and he’s one of my best inspirations: someone who is honest, open, funny, and tells it like it is, while at the same time making you feel good and validated and listened to, even if your opinion is different.  He challenges his viewers, but he also exhibits a compassion that permeates his posts.  He shares what’s going on in his life, but he invites people to think about their own lives and what’s going on in them.

Hence this particular post: the Little Hater.  Jay’s little hater is perfectionism; mine is a bit of that mixed with a pretty unhealthy amount of low self-esteem.  If I’m working on a project, be it something for work or a new poem or a story, the little hater pops up and tells me either 1) it’s been done already; and 2) it’s been done by someone better/prettier/funnier/nicer/more/more/more than what I am, because I’m never enough.

Deep down, there are things that are true and those that aren’t.  And I’ve grown up with enough love and support for my creativity that I do know what’s true, but sometimes the truth gets hidden in the noise of that awful voice.

Not today, though – I’m getting to work.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jay!



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