Posted by: agapeflower | January 16, 2009

Jet Plane Float to Go

Man, standing on the wings of a jet plane that’s floating in the middle of the Hudson River on a day where there is nowhere in the entire United States that has a temperature over 68 degrees is not at all my idea of a good time.  It does, of course, beat being killed, but my thoughts are with the stranded. Things like that are cause for great trauma along the way, I’m sure; and at the very least, I’m sure it’s catapulted into some poor guy’s senses the idea of their own mortality.

Again, also no fun.

But I do wonder what the great result will be here.  No one walks off a floating plane in the middle of the Hudson alive and goes back to the person they were when they stepped insde of it.  Some paradigm shift will happen.  Kind of like that scene in Fight Club where they shake down the poor guy working at the convenience store, and by threatening to kill him push him into a dream he’s always wanted to pursue: veterinary school.  It took a gun to the head and the threat of pulling the trigger to get him off his knees and out the door; and for these folks, it might just be the catalyst to something else.

We probably won’t feel it, of course; not on a personal level, anyway, but who knows? Any new verterinarians in the house?



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