Posted by: agapeflower | October 21, 2008

It’s raining babies!

Stellina Marie Hyland is the newest flower to blossom on the rather large tree of my friends who are expanding their families in the next year.  She’s gorgeous, and that is one rockstar name, although whenever I hear it I always think of her name as “Starina,” the drag queen extraordinare embodied by Nathan Lane in “The Birdcage.”  Welcome to the world, Stellina! I’m sure you’ll make it a better place.  At the very least, you can hope to see your name in lights up on a stage in Miami Beach.


A bit of an update: I have a job! Quite exciting.  I technically don’t have a job title yet.  The closest I can come to is “Seamstress for the Band,” translated loosely in the corporate world as Director of Operations.  The company is start-up software on the South Side of Pittsburgh.  For a more detailed job description, you might think of me as a mix of Pam Beesely, Joan Holloway, and Lloyd from Entourage.


Last night Mike and I crammed all of our Sunday night TV viewing togther to get caught up since we were gone all weekend, so we hit Entourage, Mad Men, and True Blood – two and a half hours of primetime viewing all in a row! It’s exhausting.  This weekend we’ll be doing tons of fun romantic newlywed stuff, including getting my car registered in PA.  I don’t know about you, but spending hours sitting on a hard plastic chair at an overcrowded DMV really gets me hot under the collar.


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