Posted by: agapeflower | September 11, 2008

Some other beginning’s end.

I was standing in the cafeteria line, checking out the day’s fare.  It was Tuesday, and the Special was hot dogs and fries – but good hot dogs, the fat ones; and good fries, thick ones cut from a real potato that actually existed on the premises.  Sounded good enough to me -and besides, I trusted Angelo, the house chef.  He was young, like me, and was the non-threatening sort of cute everyone likes to be around.  On Pizza Day Fridays he’d let me watch as he made the dough, and even once offered me a turn at flipping it up in the air.  I declined, but it was nice to be asked.

“I’ll take a hot dog,” I said, and tapped my fingers idly on my tray, looking around the small cafeteria.  I would be leaving in just a couple of weeks, and I somehow wanted to memorize this place.  Although it wasn’t the sort of dream job any twenty-something talks about, everyone had been wonderful to me, and I was sad to leave them.

I stared at the soda machine, the stainless steel counters, at the salad bar and the stacks of plastic cereal cups pyramided on the windowsill.  Looking around, I caught Gabriella’s eye.  She was the cashier and looked all of twelve years old.  She had two children, and would talk about them with a smile and a tired, happy sigh.  I waved to her, and she waved back.

One of the 3rd floor workers stood next to me, plunking his tray down on the countertop.  He looked down at me (not metaphorically – I’m not very tall) and offered a half-smile.

“Heard you’re moving,” he said, motioning to Angelo that he wanted the special.

I nodded with a smile.  “Yeah.  Crazy, huh?” I tried to sound rueful.

“That’s great.”

Not everyone knew I was leaving.  I didn’t want people to know.  I’d only been there three years, so it wasn’t like I was retiring after a thirty-year stint; and besides, it was one of the sadder turns I was making in my new life.  But I nodded again, still smiling.

“You know what they say,” he continued, as Angelo reached over to hand me my prepared lunch plate.  “The three most stressful things a person does in their lifetime are Get Married, Move to a New State, and Find a New Job.”  He paused, then smiled like he came to a marvelous conclusion.  “And you get to do all three at once!”


And so this is where I begin.  Newly married, newly unemployed, and newly moved to a state where I know a grand total of three people.  And here starts a series of observations, musings, thoughts, and activity — hopefully enough to keep me from crawling up the walls from boredom.

So, welcome to the madness! It’s kind of like “The Yellow Wallpaper,” except without the yellow wallpaper and the abusive husband.  Okay, it’s nothing like “The Yellow Wallpaper,” forget it.


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